Cyclone hits Manik Farm

Over 2000 people were displaced in northern Sri Lanka and several homes were also damaged when a cyclone hit the area, officials said on Sunday.

The disaster management center said that approximately 1200 homes were damaged in the storm in Vavuniya including several temporary camps housing the war displaced.

According to the disaster management center the storm lasted for nearly one hour and caused havoc in the ‘Manic Farm’ camp for the war displaced.

The camp was setup following the war between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE three years ago to house over 350,000 displaced people.

Most of the war displaced have been resettled in their original homes or transferred to new locations but around 700 still remained in the camp.

Officials in Vavuniya said that around 14 people suffered minor injuries when their shelters were razed to the ground as a result of the strong winds.

Telecommunications and electricity both in the camp and outside had been affected by the storm, the disaster management center said.

Emergency relief items were dispatched for the affected families on Sunday, officials said.

Most parts of Sri Lanka has been experiencing a heat-wave over the past few weeks but unexpected heavy rain and lightning began to affect some areas since late last week.