Police say media has put child at risk

The police say media reports today regarding the abduction of a child in Vakarai for ransom has placed the child’s life at risk.

Police media spokesman SP Ajith Rohana said in a special statement that the child had been abducted several days ago but the incident was not given to the media as the abductors had threatened to kill the child if the police was informed.

He also said that he had personally informed some journalists not to report the incident as priority should be given to save the child.

“The child is still with the abductors and they had demanded a ransom. They had also warned that the child will be killed if the police or anyone else is informed of it,” the police spokesman said.

The police spokesman said that by reporting the incident some media had today placed the child’s life at risk.

He said that even in other countries abductions for ransom are not revealed to the media till the victim is found.

“If this was your child and if the abductors called you and said they will kill the child if the police or others are informed, think of how you will feel,” the police spokesman said. (Colombo Gazette)


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