‘A Common Man’ to be out soon

‎The movie ‘A Common Man’ directed by veteran film maker Chandran Rutnam and shot in Sri Lanka, is due to be released soon.

In a short comment to the Colombo Gazette actor Ben Cross said that the film has completed post production.

“A Common Man has finished post-production and the distributors are now doing their thing,” Cross told the Colombo Gazette.

The movie is a psychological thriller starring Oscar Award winner Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross as well as a host of Sri Lankan stars.

Kingsley’s character is that of a man pushed to his limits that he eventually resorts to violence. The film’s tagline is also as good as a synopsis – ‘Five bombs in the city. The clock is ticking.’

It’s more difficult to tell, though, who the creators’ sympathies are supposed to lie with – the loose cannon or the ruthless cop? The audience will find their allegiance swinging from one to the other.

The story is adapted from a concept that has been done before, but Rutnam has taken that concept and turned it around into a situation of his real life encounters and played a major role of the film by screen playing, directing and editing it.

Rutnam’s company – Film Location Services – has in the past facilitated international movies being shot in Sri Lanka including “Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom” starring Harrison Ford.

But this is the first time he or any Sri Lankan is directing a Hollywood movie. (Colombo Gazette)


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