Don’t tell us what to do – MR

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the government is committed to achieve reconciliation and no one needs to tell his country what to do.

Speaking at the launch of an export exhibition today the President stressed that Sri Lanka is in the midst of peace won at great sacrifice and the country is now progressing on the path of peace and reconciliation.

He said that the large foreign presence at the exhibition shows there is a measure of confidence in Sri Lanka that has not been diminished by false propaganda that is currently spread by those who are trying to prevent investment flowing to the country

“Sri Lanka is in the midst of peace won at great sacrifice. We are progressing on the path of peace and reconciliation. Our government is committed to walk that extra mile to establish permanent peace through reconciliation. That is our commitment to our people and no one has to tell us what to do,” the President said.

The President also said that Sri Lanka will not allow forces of separatism and terror to raise their ugly heads again in the country.

“Moving in tandem with the new rise of Asia as the economic hub of the world you will see that Sri Lanka is now ready to be re-positioned as a strategically important economic centre in this continent of growth,” he said.

The President further noted that business confidence in Sri Lanka has now led to international hotel chains such as Shangri-la, Sun City and Sheraton investing in Sri Lanka while other investments in a diverse portfolio of opportunity are in the pipeline.


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