Russia slams UNHRC vote

Without criticizing India directly for backing the US-initiated resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council, Russia has described the resolution as “politically motivated” and one that has ended up discrediting the Council itself.

The remark by Russian ambassador to New Delhi Alexander M Kadakin, ahead of the BRICS summit in New Delhi, has brought to the fore differences among the grouping which is seeking better coordination on major international issues.

“Sri Lanka was India’s sovereign decision. The resolution was politically motivated and has discredited the UNHRC,” said Kadakin.

“Why did it all of a sudden decide to take up a country-specific resolution? That is not how the UNHRC works,” he added. Both Russia and China had voted against the resolution censuring Lanka for human rights violations.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week wrote to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, saying that he himself had ensured that India dilute the wording of the draft to safeguard against any inclusion of monitoring mechanism.

India has also not been on the same page with Russia and China on Syria. Both Russia and China vetoed a UNSC resolution against Syria. Kadakin said that Syria would be at the forefront of all major international issues that are discussed here this week.

“We are against any country imposing its will on other countries. Nobody can say that he (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) must go and that unilateral advantage be given to the rebels,” Kadakin said.

“But we need to understand the position of our partners…at the summit the leaders will try to coordinate their positions,” he said.

Iran too is likely to be discussed at length at the BRICS summit with Russia ready to express concern over threat from Israel and the US which, the ambassador said, could jeopardize peace in Asia and also destabilize global economy. “Hopefully, the new summit will give a clear warning signal against military adventurous plans in the Gulf and will speak with authority in favour of renewed constructive dialogue of the international community with Iran over its nuclear programme,” he added. (TNN)


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