Skzin set to rock Colombo

Dr. Milinda Salpitikorala is set to launch an exhibition of his latest drawings, and his new t-shirt line – set to literally rock Cololmbo.

Salpitikorala’s Skzin (pronounced skin) designer label, keeps alive the grungy glamour of rock, its designs drawing influence from rock and metal, genres of music the ‘Doc’ has held close to his heart and has been involved in locally, supporting the metal industry as a band manager for melodic death metal outfit Fallen Grace.

The launch of H2 Men’s Wear and Skzin Designs 2012 Collection will take place on 1 April from 9a.m onwards at the Liberty Plaza Lobby.

The tees, some of which have been described as ‘darkly iridescent’, are comfortable and soft, made well with each graphic crafted by Salpitikorala himself, and aligned to perfection.

What’s more, you can barely feel the ink, making it light and perfect for island weather. The tee is 100 per cent cotton fabric, the best in the market according to Salpitikorala and set at a good length, holds up great in the wash.

Salpitikorala states that Skzin is his best work of art to date, “I’m excited about the new designs coming out this year, the material and the type of print I’m using far exceeds any other in the market now.

The name stands for being as comfortable as your second skin. I don’t consider it a T-shirt, its art on fabric. Each design narrates a story, not just a few funny words or a splash of coloured paint that look cool.”

The different categories of the tees include cranial and spawn as well as the new line Omega Cen (stands for the Omega Centaury) with designs are dedicated to the paranormal, like crop circles and crystal skulls.

The tees will be available online at and will soon be available at leading fashion outlets. (Colombo Gazette)