Police to probe Mervyn’s threat

The police are to investigate the statement made by Minister Mervyn Silva in Kiribathgoda yesterday where he had threatened to break the bones of some human rights activists and journalists.

Silva had also claimed that former convener of the Free Media Movement (FMM) Podala Jayantha, had to flee the country because of him.

Police spokesman Ajith Rohana, when contacted by Colombo Gazette, said that the purported statement made by the Minister will be investigated.

He however said that there was no move to record a statement from the Minister himself at the moment.

In 2009 Podala Jayantha was abducted in broad daylight near the Embuldeniya junction in Nugegoda.

A badly battered Jayantha was later dumped into a muddy pit by the roadside near the IDH hospital.

Meanwhile the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said threats from Silva, a former labor minister, have to be taken seriously.

On December 27, 2007, accompanied by a large group of men, he stormed the state-run television station Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation and assaulted the news director, T.M.G. Chandrasekara.

The station’s staff held the minister and his supporters while police were summoned, and videotaped the minister’s apology for his actions. Silva was apparently angry because a speech he had delivered the previous day was not fully reported by the station.

CPJ says given the anti-media atmosphere being pumped up by the government, Silva will not have to apologize if his threat of violence should ever materialize. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This guy was supposed to be under investigation for breach of his position in Kelaniya,whats happened to that? Sweapt under the president’s carpet I suppose.He now openly theretens NGOs and HR activits openly.Should not this man be arrested immediately and locked up?
    The President is having enough headaches and this guy wants to make matters worse.

    • You must be mad. This cardboard tug is Mahinda’s pet. Every body knows except you. These are Big man’s instructions, mind u.

  2. Definitely nothing will happen to him as MR will safe guard him. Will wait and see how the next govt comes to power in the near future handles these thugs/hooligans.

  3. We need you. Well done. you are a model for all the ministers. Your king’s blessing always there. He needs you desperately.

    You are always first , second Karuna third Douglous Devananda. They will support your statement. You take care in the south. East will be covered by Minister Karuna and North will be covered by Douglous. You can set a goal something like… by End of March targeting 25 Journalist and 25 activist . then increase gradually. Unfortunate things is there is no LTTE to be blamed . Now only King Rajapakshe would have realised that he made a fault….

    God saves Mother Lanka

  4. Hey this is once we need MD. We need to break the bones of these unpatriotic bastards and bitches. We r SLankans. What ever we need to be ther for the country.. Yes MR MD break their bones.. we dont need them….

  5. this minister was supposed to be investigated NOT yesterday , it was long overdue. This regime has to be blamed. This minister was would have been in prison longtime ago. He has NO ETHICS ,NO CULTURE.NO RESPECT FOR ANY HUMAN. So what do you expect !!!!!! Full of thrash and scapegoat of this REGIME !!! HR violations atmosphere was over Sri Lanka long before the WAR !!!!! BUT THE WAR WAS THE TRUMP CARD FOR THE UNHRC in GENEVA. SRI LANKA CANNOT ESCAPE. WE have to investigate if he was also involved on Lasantha Wickrematunga’s murder???????

  6. Why is Mahinda yet keeping this IDIOT Mervyn – He should be immediately KICKED out – What a DISGRACE to Mahinda

  7. GON mervia 2 weni panthiyawath pass wela nathuwa athi, education eka num ‘0’. human rights kathawa ape ratata awasiyata yanawelawewath mea GON thadiyage kata wahanna ape janadipathi thumata thawamath nupuluwan weema pulu ratatama prahelikawak, siyalu denama balagena inne kawadaada mea GON nambawa deshapalanayen eliyata adala damanne kiyala,….. janadipathi thumata eaka karanna puluwan wuna dawasata….. mulu ratema minissu— geneva waladee api deneth dalwagena balasitiya haa samanawama lankawe siyalu denama sathuta palakarai

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