TNA calls for genuine reconciliation

The Tamil National Alliance on Friday called on the government to take tangible action to advance genuine reconciliation in the country.

In a statement on the outcome of a vote on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Tamil National Alliance said that vote will benefit all Sri Lankans, regardless of ethnicity.

A majority of the UNHRC members including India voted in favor of a U.S sponsored resolution on Thursday which called for the implementation of recommendations of a war commission appointed by the Sri Lankan President and to also address accountability issues on the final stages of the war between the military and Tamil Tiger rebels.

The Tamil National Alliance said it hopes that the resolution and the clear collective will of the Council will encourage the government to face the future with fortitude and move decisively to protect human rights and take tangible action to advance genuine reconciliation.

“The need for substantial progress in human rights protection, genuine and meaningful reconciliation and accountability are deep-felt needs of all citizens of the country. We therefore urge the government to avail itself of the opportunity provided by the Resolution of the Human Rights Council and dedicate itself to serving these urgent needs as provided for in the resolution,” the Tamil National Alliance said.

Following the end of the war in May 2009 with the defeat of the rebels the Tamil National Alliance was engaged with the government in talks to reach a political solution for the Tamil people.

The talks however stalled after the government insisted that a final solution can only be reached with the backing of parliament and other Tamil political parties.

The Tamil National Alliance, in its statement on Friday, said it strongly believes that the resolution adopted at the UNHRC is a first step in the pursuit of justice and accountability.

The Tamil National Alliance said it will, on behalf of the Tamil people, work with commitment and dedication towards the advancement of these goals.