Sri Lanka rejects U.S resolution

Sri Lanka’s special human rights envoy Minister Mahinda Samarsinghe, speaking at the UN Human Rights Council a short while ago, said Sri Lanka rejects the resolution presented by the U.S and urged those “living in glass houses” to be cautious before throwing stones at others.

Samarsinghe said that the resolution infringes on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and the government will do its utmost to prevent such infringement.

He also said that the resolution came to be as a result of some elements refusing to accept a resolution adopted in favor of Sri Lanka in 2009 soon after the war.

The Minister also reminded the Council that it has been three months and not three years since the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) completed its work and presented the final report.

He said that some of the countries which have now co-sponsored the U.S resolution on Sri Lanka are among the very countries which had banned the LTTE but were now giving into pro-LTTE propaganda.

Meanwhile speaking again Cuba asked why countries like the U.S and UK sold arms to Sri Lanka to fight the LTTE but is now raising allegations against the government.

Cuba urged the Council to avoid politicization and not to give in to certain global powers with vested interests.

Ecuador, Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Uganda, China, Maldives, Indonesia and Bangladesh also spoke in support of Sri Lanka and rejected the U.S sponsored resolution.

The 47 member Council will vote on the resolution after giving their views on the document. (