Hillary to meet G.L soon

U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she will meet External Affairs Minister .L Peiris soon to discuss the outcome of today’s vote at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

A statement by Clinton’s office said that today’s action by the UN Human Rights Council encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to continue on the path towards reconciliation following 27 years of civil war.

The United States, together with the international community, sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka will only achieve lasting peace through real reconciliation and accountability, and the international community stands ready to help, she said.

‘The next steps are clear. We look to the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the constructive recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and take the necessary measures to address accountability,” the statement said.

Clinton further added that the U.S government is committed to working with the Sri Lankan Government to help realize this goal, and she looks forward to discussing future actions with Minister Peiris soon.

“We will continue the productive working relationship we have with the Sri Lankan Government based on shared values, respect and constructive dialogue. Most important, we seek to strengthen our partnership with all the people of Sri Lanka,” she said.

Meanwhile India believes that the primary responsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights lies with the States. Consequently resolutions of this nature should fully respect the sovereign rights of states and contribute to Sri Lanka’s own efforts in this regard.

In a statement made by India to the UN Human Rights Council, a copy of which was sent to the media, India said it had welcomed the recommendations of Sri Lanka’s LLRC report and believes that there is indeed a window of opportunity to forge a consensual way forward towards reconciliation through a political settlement respecting all the ethnic and religious groups inhabiting the nation.

India urged the Sri Lankan Government to take forward the process of broader dialogue and show concrete movement towards a meaningful devolution of powers, including the implementation of the 13th Amendment and beyond.

“We would also urge that Sri Lanka takes forward the measures for accountability and to promote human rights that it has committed to. It is these steps, more than anything we declare in this Council, which would bring about genuine reconciliation between all the communities of Sri Lanka, including the minority Tamil community,” India said.