Pillay ready to visit Sri Lanka

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says she is ready to visit Sri Lanka but her office is yet to fix a date.

Responding to a question posed by Tamil human rights activist S. V. Kirubaharan during the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Council, Pillay confirmed that the Sri Lankan government has invited her to visit the country, sources at the session told the Colombo Gazette.

She said that she had received the invitation prior to the commencement of the UN Human Rights Council session last month.

Pillay however said that before she embarks on her visit to Sri Lanka she will send a delegation from her office.

Meanwhile a heated argument took place during one of the side meetings at the council in Geneva yesterday when Sri Lanka was discussed.

A delegation from Sri Lanka which included Lakbima Editor Rajpal Abeynaike questioned why atrocities committed by the LTTE during the war were not being addressed.

However some participants at the meeting raised strong objections at the tone used by Abeynaike when he spoke.

Sri Lanka is expected to lose a key vote on a U.S sponsored resolution which is to be submitted either tomorrow or Thursday.

A draft resolution has already been submitted to the council but the final document is expected to include some amendments.

The Indian government has already said it may vote in favor of the resolution, a move the U.S based Human Rights Watch welcomed.

“The Indian government has done the right thing by analyzing each situation separately instead of a knee jerk response against a country-specific resolution. The Sri Lanka resolution is a positive step towards encouraging a credible domestic effort in ensuring accountability, Human Rights Watch South Asia Director, Meenakshi Ganguly told the Colombo Gazette in an email. (www.colombogazette.com)


  1. Yeah, if SL is truely against imperialism it should have removed its troops from Haiti.

    For colluding with UN & US paymasters this is the case now.

    Resolution or not, both are not good conditions for us,

    With resolution GOSL will be foreced to take some corrective action, but the percieved enimy would be seen as the US. Here, the dead end Paksas have a new cause, we are stuck with them…….

    Witout resolution GOSL will go this path to ruin the country and suck every thing dry, they will certainly fall from grace very much quicker, but to get rid of them would be a blood bath..

    (This may have been MR’s and Paksas hidden agenda, his main lust is power (some womanising), one brother in to racism, other brother into money, all into corruption.

  2. America telling GOSL to remove its forces from the north of sri lanka while they are occupying by force in other countries

  3. Yes, the attrocities of the LTTE too has to be investigated along with the attrocities committed by the Sri Lankan Army. That is why an indepenent body has to investigate as to ehat happened during the war, before and after. The LLRC report is only a coverup. The Tamils wants LLRC Report+ to be implemented for reconcilliation.

  4. Send an invitation and date it with the year 2042. Its how long its going to take for us to recover from the 30 year war caused by all those supporting this resolution. They’ll understand..!

    Sri Lanka needs to study the Israeli method of ignoring and showing everybody the finger when faced with resolutions such as these.


    Happy to recieve payment from UN / US also, that no prob
    Happy for US to ban, cut funds, arrest anti air missile tigers, give us spy planes and spy info on arms ships and to threaten tigers with helping SL if dont peacefully settle with Ranil, they kept their word, not our bigots.

    white van abduction yet the norm, defence expediture getinh higher and higher, people are shot, poor mans fuel is robbed, minorities abused.
    No this is not the stuff of tiger, but now GOSL.

    India as our local super-power is concerned about its back waters, also Tamils in India and SL
    India has learned a thing or two about bluff from MR
    Our ancestors are after all from India no,……even language, religion……….

    Millions of people suffering from kerosine theft, etc. and Wimal has developed a self-pity
    Failing to realize, not just the above, but his boss is the local American

    As the people were taken for a ride and the forces were exemplary at most part, only the liars and thieves at the top of GOSL should be effected.

    More effective than resolution that might insult the ordinary citizen (and too much of that by our white-van abducting kerosine thieves and Ipad lovin, US hatin Don Juan beards) is to file charges on these Americans that are ruling the country

    And since these love foreign stuff, aid and loans only because of the country, nothin else, that why, so give it in parts with prgress on the rights of the citizen and the entitlement of the minorities.

    The problem is the Paksas have bluffed India and the West so much that they may not buy that stuff.

    Ipad (designer cars, top security) are luxuries even in the west that a few politicians have. This Wimal can go to the village, then comes up with this stuff about why the western tractor and not the local bull, he will be thrown out, so now we have to put up with this idiot, but as a country marching forward in this Global village we should not

  6. She will only look at the potential to create an Eelam to please her friends – LTTE supporters and her master USA. Sri Lanka should not welcome her if she does not give up her biasness.
    If comes with an open mind she will realise the true reconsiliation happening in the country without so called international interference.

  7. With this so called-resolution, Sri Lanka’s peace process will end and a status of anarchy encroachs our mother land. This will bring more damage to our country than that of 30 year war brought. This is what exactly USA and other European predators wish. Then they will start destabilizing India which is developing very fast.

      • Dear BOb,
        SL in not destroyed and nothing will happen in future also. The country has a very long proud history that you are not aware. Many people don’t have correct facts of SL or its so called ethnic problem. That is the common ignorance.

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