CID quiz foreign filmmakers

The CID has seized the equipment of two foreign independent film makers and questioned them after they recorded footage on tourism and development in Kalpitiya.

Belgium independent film maker Guilhem de Crombrugghe and his French girlfriend Marie Ferdinands were in Kalpitiya over the weekend for the shoot after obtaining approval from the Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority.

Crombrugghe told the Colombo Gazette that a team of CID officers had questioned them in Colombo yesterday and their equipment was seized today over suspicion that they were producing a video to discredit Sri Lanka.

Crombrugghe said that the CID had taken him in for questioning when he had gone to the local visa office to extend his visa and also that of his girlfriend.

The couple is now at a hotel in Negombo and a CID officer has been placed outside the hotel room while investigations continue.

Crombrugghe told the Colombo Gazette that they merely interviewed people in Kalpitiya and Puttalam on tourism and development related issues and had even interviewed Nalaka Godahewa from the Tourist Board.

Police spokesman Ajith Rohana said that the CID was still investigating the video taken by the two foreigners so they could not provide any information till investigations are complete.  (


  1. When you have a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail.

    When you have something to hide everyone look like they trying to dig out your secret. In a society where there are no secrets to hide you wouldn’t have to worry.

    If these foreigners were really intending to make a film about SL tourism you can kiss that goodbye. Murdering, rape, stealing and arresting tourists, bet foreigners must be impatient to come this this island.

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