Over 1300 A/L and Uni qualified prisoners

There are over 1300 prisoners who have either passed their Advanced Level (A/L) examination or are university qualified, the prisons department said.

A spokesman at the department said that 1353 inmates of prisons around the country had passed their A/L examinations and 5336 had passed the ordinary level exam.

The spokesman also said that data collected on the inmates had found that there were 46 prisoners who had passed university exams.

Research had also revealed that there are some 2848 uneducated prisoners out of a total of  32,128 prisoners serving time at jails around the country.

The spokesman said that as a result of the high number of uneducated prisoners the prisons department had last week inaugurated the prisons school to educate these prisoners.

The Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms inaugurated the prisons school at the Watareka Prison in Homagama on Friday.

The Ministry of Education will provide academic staff and text books to the new school catering only to prisoners.