Alternative Sunday part 2


If you thought Alternative Sunday was just out of this world get ready for Alternative Sunday part 2 is here and will dish out more amazing sounds from some kick-ass Rock N Roll, Metal And Dubstep bands.

And to spice things up a wee bit, the second installment of Alternative Sunday will feature an Accapella Group daring to rock it on the evening.

Alternative Sunday 2 will see on stage:

Deviant Accapella – Adagio Choralle
Rock N Roll – Circus Cult And Helter Skelter
Metal – White Living Grave And RavenSung
Dubstep – Duckdog

Alternative Sunday 2 will take place on the 25th of March 6.30 p.m at everybody’s favorite watering hole – Clancys!


.…and this is what the word on the street was on the first Alternative Sunday

Ray J

Beyond awesome…DuckDog!

Sopna Jey Angelraz

It was frikking awesome ♥

Joel Isaac

Awesome gig it was.. Dearly missed my camera… nevertheless, had a fabulous time.. Hats off!

Unholy Sermon – The Preaching That Angered Many

Alternative Sunday’s….well organized and a kick ass show!!

Circus Cult

It was a great show, a big thank you to everyone who came down!

Suran Jayathilake – Aural Discord

A well put together event, free of politics and drama, and a good start to something that I hope will be a long running series

Pavithra J. De Mello

I think it was a really good mixture of music, from rock and roll to dub-step, the gig honestly exceeded my expectations

Pixel Morph- DuckDog

Well what i think is it’s fresh, innovative and deviant in my pov
The organiser say: We want to thank every single person who helped in making the 1st installment of the series a memorable one, especially our offical photographer “5th Eye”, our sounds guy Ruban Balakrishnan, Kshanika and Lake Argent, Bercley Lloyd And His Team of BIG Splash U.K., Naveen Marasinghe, AWN and Keshan Wijesinghe, The Hub (now Colombo Gazette) and Big Love To Bp!