Defence Ministry rejects latest video

The Defence Ministry has rejected a new video aired on a British television channel which raises fresh allegations of war crimes against the Sri Lankan government and military.

In response to the latest Chanel 4 video titled Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished, the Defence Ministry also re-released several videos and documents which counter the claims raised by the British television.

The video blames both the government and military, including former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka over some of the incidents, including the failure to send adequate humanitarian aid to the thousands of civilians trapped in the final battle zone at the time.

The Defence Ministry however says the video has been released with the intention of defaming the government at the ongoing UN summit for Human Rights in Geneva.

“The Ministry of Defense rejects all allegations of human rights violation stating that it is able to prove with valid evidence that it was the LTTE that committed gross violation of human rights over the past three decades,” the Defence Ministry said.

It also said that Channel Four had the opportunity to present the said information to the LLRC officially and take action internationally against HR violation. Instead they opted to air the video purely given the fact that they are unable to prove the authenticity of the footage if confronted by a responsible body.

The video aims to impress on the international community that thousands of lives were lost periodically with no provable supporting evidence, the Defence Ministry said.


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