Sri Lanka rejects video on Praba’s son

The Sri Lankan high commissioner to India, Prasad Kariyawasam, on Tuesday rubbished the controversial video showing the bullet-ridden body of the 12-year-old son of LTTE’s slain chief V. Prabhakaran calling it “motivated” and “concocted”.

In an interview to Headlines Today, Kariyawasam also raised questioned about the timing of the video, wherein the body of Prabhakaran’s son Balachandran was shown stripped to the waist with five bullet injuries on the chest.

“This is a motivated video… It is a concocted story and the video is morphed. They should provide video to us. This has come just ahead of the UNHRC resolution,” Kariyawasam said.

The envoy said that external intervention from those who were far away was counterproductive and claimed that the LTTE-run groups in some western countries were behind this “propaganda”.

Kariyawasam said the resolution in UNHRC in Geneva was uncalled for as it wanted to force the island nation and that Sri Lanka was already studying the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Reacting to the ongoing protests in Tamil Nadu and in New Delhi, Kariyawasam said, “India is our best friend we are confident they will take the right decision… Some of our brothers from Tamil Nadu have got it all wrong. We can work together to help Tamils in Sri Lanka. I want to invite them to visit Sri Lanka to see the truth for themselves.”