Army says no eye-witness yet

The army says the court of inquiry, appointed by the army to investigate into the references in the LLRC report, has so far not received any eye-witnesses who could provide concrete evidence on the allegations referred to in the LLRC report.

The inquiry by the army is expected to cover all aspects of the final phase of the War.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya told troops in Mullaitivu today (Monday) that false allegations are being leveled against the army and the government because some people are not prepared to admit to the defeat of terrorism from Sri Lanka.

‘HE the President and Secretary Defence are fully aware of the exceptional roles we, the members of the Army performed during the humanitarian operations and none of those international complainants or any other civilian at that stage, came forward to complain about those alleged atrocities, said to have been committed by the Army during the final phases. Now, those elements are working collectively to bring disrepute to the Army and the country at large while being in Geneva. They make those allegations in order to overthrow this government because world powers and big countries never ever thought we, a tiny country like us, would be able to crush terrorism. Those false allegations are leveled because most of them are not prepared to admit to defeating of terrorism from our soil. There would be another video production from the same channel 4 with fabricated images and stories, and it is to be released by Wednesday (14), most probably in Geneva. I, as the Wanni Commander at that point of time, knew very well how we fought the war. Many of you witnessed it. Therefore all of you too have a moral duty to explain the truth behind those untrue allegations,’ the Commander said.

Meanwhile the Commander said that soldiers in the future will not be allowed to have their weapons with them while not on duty and instructions have been issued in this connection because there does not exist any requirement of that nature any more, either in Colombo or elsewhere.