Sri Lanka to deport visa violators

Sri Lankan authorities on Tuesday said that tourists and other foreigners who violate visa regulations will be deported.

The Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration has begun to gather information from the public on foreigners who remain in the country violating visa regulations, the Sri Lankan government information department said.

Following the end of a 30 year war in Sri Lanka three years ago Sri Lanka has seen a steep rise in tourist arrivals to the island.

However the rise in tourist arrivals had raised concerns of some foreigners indulging in prostitution and dealing with drugs.

The Sri Lankan police have begun to crackdown on prostitution rings operating in the country, mostly in the capital.

Several foreign prostitutes openly operate along the streets of Colombo despite the strong cultural values practiced by the Buddhist country.

The Immigration and Emigration department said that foreigners who remain in the country illegally are a threat to national security while some also harm the cultural and environmental concerns of the country.

The Department has also requested information from the general public on foreigners who indulge in illegal activities, the information department said.

“Stern legal action can be taken against those who support and encourage such foreigners to remain in the country, after the expiry of their visas,” the government added.