Sri Lanka not happy with patronizing attitudes

The government says that while collaboration on the basis of equality and mutual respect is always welcome, it does not consider helpful patronizing attitudes leading to attempts at external intervention.

External Affairs Minister G.L Peiris said this during a meeting with Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Minister of International Relations and Co-operation of the Republic of South Africa, the External Affairs Ministry said today.

Minister Peiris said that it is Sri Lanka’s earnest effort, after the defeat of terrorism, to develop in an inclusive spirit structures fulfilling the special needs of Sri Lankan society.

Peiris drew attention to a prominent characteristic of the South African experience, with special value to Sri Lanka: namely, the deliberate decision to dispense with external mediation or facilitation in any form, and to rely instead on local creativity and resourcefulness.

He recalled the observation made to him many years ago by Mr.Roelf Meyer, the chief negotiator with the African National Congress and the Minister of Defence in the Government of former South African President Klerk, that this decision was based on the conviction –strongly held by both sides– that no external actor could possibly have the intensity of commitment of the South African people collectively, to find a solution which is equitable and would stand the test of time. This belief is amply vindicated by Sri Lanka’s own experience, the Minister observed.