India concerned over resolutions at UNHRC

India says it is concerned that the recent trend of country specific resolutions may well end up weakening the constructive dialogue and corporative approach which has prevailed so far in the UN Human Rights Council.

Without making any direct reference to any country against which a resolution is to be presented at the ongoing session of the UNHRC, the Indian envoy who addressed the council today (Thursday) said that the promise shown by the council since its inception as the premier organ of the UN dealing with human rights must be preserved.

Sri Lanka is one of the countries against which a resolution is expected to be presented at the ongoing UNHRC session and Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe had said this week that Sri Lanka is hopeful of India’s support against the resolution.

Samarasinghe said that already several African and Islamic countries have expressed support to Sri Lanka in the event the US sponsored resolution is presented.