Vaiko writes to Manmohan on Sri Lanka

MDMK chief Vaiko today termed as shocking a Sri Lankan official’s claim about New Delhi’s backing of Colombo in the ongoing UNHRC session and urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to support it.

“It is shocking that Mahinda Samarasinghe, the chief Lankan negotiator, has stated that India will support Sri Lanka in the crucial voting at the ongoing session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) at Geneva,” Vaiko said in a letter to Singh.

Samarasinghe, who is leading the Lankan delegation at the UNHRC, had earlier claimed that Sri Lanka has received India’s full backing against the US sponsored motion on alleged human rights abuses by its army during the war against LTTE.

Vaiko said India’s envoy to Sri Lanka had also reportedly assured President Mahinda Rajapakse of New Delhi’s support.

“If it is true, that will be the ever unpardonable betrayal by the Indian Government against the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

“I would request you that the Indian government should not support the racist Sri Lankan Government in the UNHRC in Geneva,” Vaiko, who has been consistently charging the Congress-led UPA with aiding Colombo militarily in its fight against LTTE, said. (PTI)


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  1. Yesterday I watched a video made by Vaiko in which he clearly praised the Tamil Tigers and their leader Prabakharan. The video was graphic and disturbing, with lots of pictures of dead and mutilated people. It is clear from this video (which I have included in my You Tube playlist Peace Plan for Sri Lanka), that Vaiko was an outspoken supporter of the murderous Tamil Tigers. He consistently turns a blind eye to atrocities by this organisation, blaming instead the Sri Lankan government and armed forces for crimes that were committed by the Tigers. Shame on him.

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