Alternative Sundays to hit Colombo

For the longest time Metal heads found an affinity towards Dubstep, but never really had the chance of moshing to it, perhaps in the confinement of a private space but never in bigger venues but hey now that rock n roll, metal and dubstep plays in one evening, what’s your excuse?

Come Sunday, 26 February, three hours of complementing genres that’s almost as good as any bedroom action will be experienced at Clancys! For the first installment of Alternative Sunday (a monthly event or perhaps even weekly in the near future if the demand to see home bands live increases), we’ve picked out names that are already embedded in SL music history – Unholy Sermon, Aural Discord, Duckdog, Helter Skelter And Circus Cult; Trust us on this, “Epic” will be an understatement!

Show your support for home music..don’t forget it’s 6.30p.m. (Not Sri Lankan time)!