Couple wed Sri Lankan style

Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa, a tourism resort set up in the east with the boom of tourism after the end of terrorism in 2009, hosted its first wedding on 18th February 2012 at the pristine Passekudah beach, in the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

This was the first of its kind held in this region after the end of three decades of war, the Sri Lankan Tourist Board said.

These Russian nationals, Ms. Olga Yurievna Gorbacheva (Bride) and Vladimir Alexandroich Luchakovskiy (Groom) arrived in Sri Lanka on Saturday, 11th February with their family members with an idea of having their wedding in a paradise.

This dream was made a reality by Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa by organizing a unique wedding event with a mix of Russian, Sinhalese and Hindu cultures.

This fusion took place in the morning with a traditional Sinhalese Porwa ceremony, Kandian dancers and drummers according to Sinhalese customs followed by Russian customs and releasing of two white Doves to signify the peace in the East coast.

In the afternoon the couple was dressed in traditional Hindu dresses, the bride in a colorful Saari and Hindu jewelry and the groom in a Vettie and a turban. The ceremony was conducted by the local Hindu priest. For this event, number of hotel guests, staff as well as many locals participated which made it a perfectly balanced event.

This was not only an unforgettable event for the wedded couple and their families, but also it became an unforgettable event for the locals in Passekudah as well as the Resort.

The wedded couple will continue to celebrate their joy for another 7 days amidst the calm seas of Passekudah bay at their unforgettable hotel Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa.