Shavendra says journo after him

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent representative to the United Nations Major General Shavendra Silva has said that a certain foreign journalist is all out to discredit him just before the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

The UN has been criticized for appointing Silva to the Special Advisory Council on peacekeeping operations owing to the war crimes allegations raised against him by some human rights groups.

Silva told State radio that a certain journalist who always acts with malicious intent against Sri Lanka is now trying to discredit him before the local and the international community through unfounded allegations of war crimes.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation however does not mention the name of the journalist but it is believed he is a correspondent covering UN affairs in New York.

Silva says it was the secretary general of the United Nations who appointed him to the special advisory council and added that charges against him have escalated since the appointment.

Major General Shavendra Silva also said that the journalist had remained silent for some time but has once again commenced his efforts targeting the human rights committee meeting scheduled to be held in Geneva next month.