Fuel price hike cripples the nation

The fuel price hike saw several strikes being launched today (Monday) affecting mostly the transport and fishing sectors.

Fishermen between Negombo and Kalpitiya went on strike today over the government decision to raise the price of fuel from last Saturday.

Most fishermen in the area avoided going out to sea early this morning to catch fish and will stage a demonstration later this afternoon.

The government raised petrol and diesel prices on Saturday as well as the price of a liter of kerosene.

However the government said that fishermen and public transport will be given concessions despite the fuel price hike.

Meanwhile school van drivers are expected to increase the van fee from school children as a result of the price hike.

The School van drivers association in the Western Province said it will have a discussion with the relevant officials today in this regard.

An island wide bus private bus strike was already in force since yesterday over the fuel price hike.