Parents blame hospital over kids death

The parents of an eight year old girl who died in Maskeliya last weekend after being admitted to hospital, have blamed the nurses and doctors at the hospital over the child’s death.

Sunthari’s parents have filed a complaint with the police saying their child died as a result of medical negligence and are demanding justice.

The young victim’s father Selvaraj Vellu said that his daughter fell ill and was admitted to the Maskeliya General hospital last weekend.

She was admitted to hospital after she felt weak and suffered from a bad stomach, a grieving Selvaraj Vellu said adding however that her health condition did not seem serious at the time.

On admission to the Maskeliya General hospital the child was administered saline and her mother sat by her bedside all along.

However Selvaraj claims that nurses and doctors did not monitor the condition of his child after she was admitted and this led to her condition deteriorating.

“So many times my wife called out to the nurses to come and look at my child but none of them came. There were times the saline drip stopped and even then the nurses did not come to see her,” Selvaraj said.

He said that hours after the child was admitted to hospital blood started dripping through the saline tubes and his wife had screamed out for assistance from the nurses but they never came.

Subsequently Selvaraj had turned up at the hospital and found his wife crying on the lifeless body of little Sunthari.

Selvaraj cried out and pleaded from the nurses and doctors to save his daughter’s life but it was too late.

He said that if the nurses and doctors at the Maskeliya hospital had shown more care and attention to the patient like they should have then Sunthari would still be alive even now.

Selvaraj said that the hospital authorities had obtained his signature on a document to acknowledge that he was aware of his daughter’s death in hospital owing to poor health.

However Selvaraj lodged a complaint at the Maskeliya police station against the hospital authorities claiming medical negligence.

The Maskeliya police however told Selvaraj to lodge the complaint with the Nalathani police and there he was advised to take the child’s body to Nawalapiti for the post mortem.

Selvaraj said that following the post mortem the police had informed him that it was determined the child died of pneumonia.

However Selvaraj did not accept the determination. His relatives had informed politicians in the area of the incident and some of them had visited the child’s home and assured the parents justice.

Meanwhile the District Medical Officer (DMO) A.S Wettisinghe blamed the mother over the child’s death saying she had meddled with the saline while the child was on the hospital bed.

She said that the parents of the child had obtained treatment for the child from outside before she was admitted to hospital.

Wettisinghe said that the girl was admitted to hospital on Saturday the 28th of January and on admission she was given saline and other medications.

She said that the parents were agitated when they found that only a little saline was being administered to the child.

The girl’s mother had however removed the saline tube from the child and put it back in thinking there was something wrong with it and this led to blood coming through the tube, Wettisinghe said.Wettisinghe however said that this was normal as a child is usually given only a few drops of saline and not a lot like what is given for adults.

She said that the parents should have been more patient and let the medical staff take care of the child instead of trying to do things on their own.

However Selvaraj insisted he or his wife were not at fault and said that if the medical staff had indeed focused their attention on his daughter from the time she was admitted she could have been saved.