Doom over Colombo this month

Sri Lanka’s first metal gig for 2012, Doom Over Colombo, will be held at the Women’s International Hall in Colombo this month.

Presented by Hela Distribution and Ironwardrobe records, the metal gig on February 11th will feature a rare line up of giants from Sri Lanka’s extreme metal underground.

The organizers claim the gig is nothing less, nothing more and has no compromises with a stellar gathering of bands past to present including Whirlwind, Fallen Grace, Old Castles Massacre, Forsaken, Manifestator, Pariah Demise, Mass Damnation, Ablaze, Serpents Athirst and Last Long Sleep.

The event will also pay a memorial to two fallen brothers in metal, Mario Siriwardena and Nadun Jayasuriya.

Fans can also get posters (Rs. 300/= per poster) autographed from their favorite bands at the concert.

The gig starts at 5pm and tickets priced at Rs. 500 and available at the gate.


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