Government can acquire land says Karuna

Government Deputy Minister Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan (Karuna Amman) says the government has a right to acquire land for national security reasons.

He said that land in the north and east will be acquired on this basis to build permanent army camps and civilians who had their homes in those areas will be relocated and with be provided all the basic facilities.

“We will give them livelihood assistance and build a health center and everything else they need. So their lifestyle will not be affected,” Minister Muralitharan told reporters today.

He said Pudumathalan in the north will have a permanent army camp and people will not be resettled in that area.

Minister Muralitharan said that only one percent of the displaced people will not be resettled on their own property.

He recalled that when these areas were under LTTE control the LTTE forcefully acquired land without giving the people alternate places to re-settle.

However he said the government will not only give alternate land but also give the people a choice on where they wish to be relocated.

The Minister also said that land in Sampur is going to be acquired for a coal power project and the families on that land will be relocated.

He said that the project will be beneficial for the people living in the Eastern province.

Meanwhile commenting on some Tamil parties calling for police powers to the provinces, Muralitharan said the issue should not be discussed.

He noted that while in countries like India police powers are divided among the provinces, in a country like Sri Lanka that is not required as Sri Lanka is a small country.