Ban accepts Shavendra’s appointment

UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon has accepted the appointment of Major General Shavendra Silva to the UN Senior Advisory Group (SAG) on Peacekeeping Operations.

A UN spokesperson has told Innercity press by email that the appointment will be accepted as he was nominated by member states of the UN.

The General Assembly instructed the Secretary-General to establish the senior advisory group, stipulating that its membership should comprise five representatives nominated by the troop-contributing countries, five representatives nominated by the financial contributors, and one representative named by each of the five regional groups.

The General Assembly specified that five eminent persons of relevant experience should be independently appointed by the Secretary-General himself.

The Secretary-General’s responsibility under GA resolution 65/289 related only to the nomination of the five eminent persons that he was asked to selected himself and the 15 other members of the SAG were selected by the TCCs, FCCs and Regional Groups, as prescribed by the General Assembly, the UN spokesperson said.

Silva’s appointment drew criticism from some groups as he faces charges of being involved in alleged war crimes during the final stages of the war against the LTTE.


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