Sri Lankan takes X-Files star to court

Actress Gillian Anderson, star of the X-Files TV series, is being sues by a Sri Lankan man who had once operated as the caretaker of property she had on the island.

The disabled soldier is seeking Rs. 100 million as compensation after he was earlier charged with the misappropriation of funds from the property owned by the actress.

According to Sri Lankan media reports on Friday the soldier, Anura Ratne Bandara, has said that though he rendered a yeoman service to the company with full commitment to develop the properties, Anderson took measures to terminate his service.

He further alleged that the Anderson failed to provide all the facilities which were promised to him including a house.

Local media quoted the police as saying that the soldier had obtained Rs.6.8 million to supply electricity to the property but misused part of that money.

The case is to be heard once again at a court in Colombo next week.