Baby admitted in Delhi with human bite marks

NDTV pic

A two year old battered and bruised baby girl is battling for her life at a hospital in New Delhi with fractured arms, head injuries and bite marks all over her body, the Indian media reported today.

India’s NDTV television showed blurred images of the baby on life support at a Delhi hospital and said that the baby was in critical condition.

The baby had been handed over to the hospital by a 15 year old girl who claims to be her mother and said that the baby had fallen from her bed.

However doctors were suspicious over the claims considering the extent of the injuries including the human bite marks on the body of the child.

A doctor was quoted in the NDTV report as saying the baby maybe an unwanted child or rejected since it’s a girl.

Indian families, especially those in the village, still prefer to have a male child as opposed to a female.

Doctors say even if the child survives she will most likely suffer from neurological damage.

The mother of the child is now in the custody of welfare officials.