Zumba phenomenon hits Sri Lanka


Zumba, Dancefit, Pump, Pilates Cyclefit are becoming the latest buzz words in Colombo! The very latest in international group fitness classes are at long last here in Colombo thanks to Entertrainers and the buzz around town is that they make working out fun and addictive!

The Zumba phenomenon that has swept the world is truly here in Sri Lanka with Entertrainers who are licensed to run all Zumba programmes. But before we get into more details about that, what exactly is Zumba? Is it a Dance or a workout? Actually it’s a mix of both and was accidentally invented when a Colombian aerobics instructor named Alberto Perez forgot to take his music tapes to class. Perez improvised with some Salsa and Merengue music and the rest is… history.
Zumba is a dance based workout featuring exotic rhythms set to Latin beats. Zumba fitness classes are extremely popular the world over and the now have made an entry into Sri Lanka through the vastly experienced Entertrainers. Entertrainers is the only group fitness studio in SL certified to run the entire Zumba range of classes and with their founder Eli being a native Colombian you are guaranteed to get the real Zumba Latin experience!

Entertrainers is headed by Eli, a native Colombian with Australian citizenship and over 15 years international experience in the fitness industry, Entertrainers Group and Personal Fitness Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd aims to pioneer the Sri Lankan group fitness industry in partnership with Lifestyle Fitness Lanka (Pvt) Ltd making the very latest fun, motivating and effective group fitness workouts available to all.Add to that Entertrainers own signature Dancefit class which is a high energy dance workout to the latest hits and includes diverse styles such as hip hop, Bollywood, Latin, reggae and aerobic moves and Pump toning workouts that take the gym to the group fitness studio and it’s no wonder people are rushing away from their lonely treadmills to work out together at Entertrainers classes.

With over 70 sessions a week to choose from in their active studio, ladies only femfit studio and Colombo’s only cyclefit studio Entertrainers has classes and times to suit everyone including active cardio fat burning ,body pump, toning, circuit and specialty classes for seniors and kids.

Entertrainers vision is to grow, train and support thee local group fitness industry through Entertrainers education and accreditation programmes with the first batch of group fitness instructor training starting in December 2011.

In addition Entertrainers are working with the Ministry of Sports and recently had the honour of launching their Fit for Work campaign in the presence of His Excellency the President.

Entertrainers was established in 2008 by 3 Colombian sisters Laura, Clara and Eli who are Internationally recognized Fitness Professionals and Group Fitness Instructors. They started making their fitness footprints as kids dancing to the Latin beat they were surrounded by. They believe one of the reasons they are so close is because they have always worked out together!

“We believe that exercise has greater benefits than just losing weight or looking good. Our aim is to create healthy foot prints in both our young and adult clients to help them achieve their goals and have a well-built, happy, healthy and long life” said Eli.

All the Entertrainers Group Fitness Solutions Programs and updates are the result of the 3 sisters’ diverse international fitness experience and their unique Latin style of noisily brainstorming routines! Together they sought to revolutionize group fitness classes by offering participants a live sports party concept where they worked out to great music, had a variety of dance based work outs and maintained motivation by offering quarterly super classes where participants can celebrate their increased fitness.

Eli is now proudly bringing the best of the world’s group fitness classes to Sri Lanka, whilst training and mentoring  aspiring Sri Lankan group fitness instructors to achieve their dreams and in the process earn an attractive income whilst having fun, making people healthier.

Full information on Entertrainers is available at www.entertrainers.net


  1. Truly amazing classes. Working out with a group of people who also love the same music you do and have the same goals in mind – to loose and maintain weight whilst having a blast is a great experience. The energy in the class just builds up with each new song and you don’t feel the hour go by. I don’t know what I would do with out my ZUMBA and DanceFit classes! Thanks Eli for bringing Entertrainers to Sri Lanka. We are so blessed.

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