Cops obtain court order on media protest

The police have obtained a court order on the protest to be staged by media organizations in Colombo this afternoon.

The Fort Magistrate has ordered the police to make sure the demonstration is limited to the Fort railway station and does not hamper traffic in any way.

Meanwhile the government says some groups who calli themselves “free media” are creating problems in the country to justify the “dollar payments” they are receiving from international elements.

“Sri Lanka has already committed itself to ensure media freedom as part of its democratic values. The President has the interests of journalists at heart and therefore the government supports the media to discharge its responsibility without any let or hindrance,” the government information department said.

The information department also quoted some private newspaper Editors as saying there was media freedom in Sri Lanka.

“The chief editor of the Lakbima newspaper Mr. Rajpal Abeynayake also vehemently rejected the allegation of saying there is no media freedom in the country. He said that in the unrest being created in the universities there is the hidden hand of certain political groups receiving foreign assistance. The editor of the Nation newspaper Mr. Malinga Seneviratne said compared to the period of 1988/89 there is a clear media freedom in the country at present,” the information department said.