Anjuli a “victim” to her music

She looks up to singer Adele and I guess you can say she sounds like her as well, and at 25 Anjuli Mendis has now kicked off her own musical career after winning a German Radio talent show.

Born to a family with a musical background Anjuli Mendis said she could not believe it when she was named the winner at the Radio Salu singing contest in Germany in November 2011.

The competition turned out to be like a walk in the park for the young girl who at the time was already the lead singer in a rock band.

Speaking to The Hub while in Sri Lanka on holiday, Mendis said over 200 people participated in the German radio singing contest and she was shortlisted before eventually being declared the winner.

She sang a cover version of Adele’s hit ‘Set fire to the rain’ during the competition and she also had to sing in front of a live audience.

Anjuli stated singing at the age of 16 and she is related to Sri Lankan veteran Singer and TV/Radio presenter Noelin Honter.

Her father was also into singing and he together with his German wife was the cornerstone to Anjuli’s success in Germany.

Anjuli says she wants her music to touch people and change lives instead of being just another song or track.

She has just released her first single titled ‘Victim Tonight’ with her band ‘Grrovin Affairs, which has been released in the market by Radio Salu.

She is also involved in charity projects and is helping a children’s home in Sri Lanka.

“I want to help people with special needs,” a passionate Anjuli told The Hub.

Asked if she is looking at going solo after winning the German radio contest, Anjuli said her priority is to promote her band and take it to the top.

She believes in teamwork and does not want to move away from her mates and look only at a solo career.

Anjuli has also recorded several cover versions which have been posted on YouTube and listening to her voice on those tracks there is no doubt she will top the music world some day.


(Report by Easwaran Rutnam for The Hub)





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