Black Eyed Peas’ Poet loves Lanka

He was once termed as the hardest working music producer and apart from his own music he is also THE man behind the hottest hip-hop band around. Say hello to Poet Name Life, the official DJ for the Black Eyed Peas and also co-producer for some of their tracks including Boom Boom pow.

Firstly thank you for taking time off your busy tour to share a few words with the Colombo Gazette in Sri Lanka.

I know you have not performed in Sri Lanka but have you heard of the island and if so what do you think? Has the thought of performing in Sri Lanka ever crossed your mind?

I think it is an amazing place with great wildlife, beaches and culture. I do really want to do a show or DJ there, I’ve always wanted to!

How does it feel to be the official DJ for the Black Eyed Peas?

It’s a great experience being able to connect with people across the world, no matter what language, we all speak music 🙂

When and how did your collaboration with the Peas begin?

It began during high school, we were just dancers and a party crew, never did we expect it to grow to such an amazing thing, we always wanted to do music and would dream to be the best one day, and just never stopped doing it. I remember when we first experienced a real studio, I didnt want to do anything else after that 🙂

So why the name Poet Name Life?

My name comes from my graffiti art days. My actual artist name was “Life” but instead of just writing graffiti on walls I would write poems in books through art and characters, many times for friends. Many guy friends would ask me to write poems for their girlfriends LOL Thus I got the name “Poet”. It eventually became natural when friends and people started calling me “Poet” since I was a “Poet Name Life” so I thought, wow that’s a cool name! Like ‘Tribe Called Quest’ and even today I still compose my music in poetic theory and approach.

You have produced a few tracks for the Black Eyed Peas. Have you thought of going completely solo?

I will be releasing electronic/dance singles under my very own record label “ListenDeep” and putting up sneak previews on my site At the moment I am collaborating with many cutting edge artists like Fergie, Rome of Sublime, Shifty of Crazy Town, R.I.P. DJ AM, Sidney Samson, BT, Dallas K, Sam Obernik, Ghettoblasterz, Ms.Madison, Tabi Bonney and many more, and have just released my first official single “DIGITAL” download it at

Tell us a bit about your first single “Digital”

DIGITAL is my first official single that fuses Brazilian pounding drum lines with sexy house synth tones to definitely rock a club. It’s a cool collaboration with fellow up & coming artists featuring TABI BONNEY (D.C.) & MS. MADISON (NYC), and the track is produced by the legendary Kassiano of Sao Paulo Brazil. We all met Kassiano working with Lil Jon one night and from there, music history began! It is part of the indie music revolution and movement, showing the world that we don’t need a major label to put amazing music and videos out in this day and age, and to embrace the blessings of technology in our generation and to push the boundaries of our talents and creativity. The amazing cgi city scape video is directed by Cyrus Melchor MOUNT CYANIDE, Motion Graphics/Editing by Danilo Delfino( DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE on Makeup and hair by, Assisted by Missy Almodovar, Stylist- Julie Sarnana

You have been touring the world over including Asia. Any favorite destination in Asia when it comes to touring and maybe just chilling?

My favorite destination is near Asia, the Maldives, Huvafen Fushi! I proposed to my fiancée, Lucy McIntosh there.

What does the future hold for Poet Name Life?

More singles will be released, and a full force listendeep movement supporting DJs, producers and DJs of the world. I will be traveling the world pushing the movement, and of course DJ’ing various events. Follow me on twitter “poetnamelife” for daily updates 🙂  (The Colombo Gazette – Copyright protected)  

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