Iraj nominated for Hollywood award

Sri Lankan music producer Iraj Weeraratne has yet again broken boundaries and gone where no Sri Lankan musician has gone before.

Iraj has been nominated for 3 awards at the “Hollywood Music in Media Awards” which will take place on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 in Hollywood, California. Bands, Songwriters, Composers from around the globe have submitted their work for consideration at this red carpet gala event.

Iraj has three tracks nominated for the awards. The song ‘Your Love’ Feat Iraj, Markia and Kona and ‘Maldives’ has been nominated in the ‘2011 MUSIC GENRE’ category.

His Music Video by Nilan Correy for the song “Lion Nation” has been nominated in the ‘2011 Music Genre’ music video category.

“I am indeed honored to be able to represent my country. But this is only the beginning. And I assure you bigger accomplishments are yet to come,” Iraj told The Hub after receiving the nomination.

Some of the other nominees at the awards ceremony alongside Iraj include John Powell for the movie ‘Rio’ and Patrick Doyle for the movie ‘Thor’ in the ORIGINAL SCORE – FEATURE FILM (Theatrical Release) category, Gerard Marino for  ‘Spiderman: Edge Of Time’ and Richard Jacques for ‘James Bond 007: Blood stone’ in the ORIGINAL SCORE – VIDEO GAME Category and Scream 4 – Various Artists for Best SOUNDTRACK ALBUM category.

Iraj will be only Sri Lankan Artiste from a handful of Asian artistes nominated for this spectacular event which will be post televised in the US to 100 million viewers.

The event is set to take place at the world famous Kodak Theatre Complex in Hollywood, California which also hosted the annual Academy Awards (The Oscars)  and is also the home for American Idol. (The Hub.Asia)


  1. u r very lucky very happy2 hear that. U r very talented person that i lov.
    Yes. U will get a place.u can. Ur way z very clear go ahead to the
    End f succes that u wished. GOOD LUCK. All the best.

  2. A real-life example where Sri Lanka does not recognize its’ very own but the world knows true talent. Take a bow Iraj, you’re the man.


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