Iraj on Radio Express compilation

Sri Lankan hip-hop artist and music producer Iraj Weeraratne better known as Iraj, has made it to an October Radio Express compilation CD.

The track ‘Your Love’ by Iraj and Markia featuring Bangladeshi star Kona is on the music compilation CD of Radio Express which also features tracks by Lady Gaga, David Guetta, T-Pain, Enrique Iglesias, Coldplay and more.

Radio Express is the leader in worldwide radio syndication.  Since its founding in 1985 the company has built relationships with thousands of radio stations outside the USA.

The pioneer in international radio barter syndication, Radio Express specializes in developing branded entertainment programming for major brands like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Heineken, Sprite and Cadbury.

Radio Express, Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment programming to radio stations outside the United States.

Founded in 1985 by industry innovator and current CEO Tom Rounds, the Company was the first to introduce barter syndication to the international radio world. Since then, it has established relationships with over 5,000 radio stations in 140 countries, creating the most extensive “network” of radio stations in the world.

Iraj is the first Sri Lankan music artist to have entered into the Kollywood Music Industry. His first South Indian composition together with Vijay Anthony featured in the movie Veittakarran staring Kollywood superstar Vijay ranked number one in the Chennai Charts and as a result Iraj is currently contracted to compose for his forth South Indian movie.


These records are but a fraction of the phenomenal success of Iraj, who has developed over the years into a brand itself. Dubbed by analysts and critics as the revolutionary of the Sri Lankan music industry, Iraj’s success saw him drawn into a record breaking series of merchandising and marketing campaigns.

The change of Iraj’s image, from maestro to icon, has seen Sri Lanka experience technological breakthroughs in his many videos and the establishment of a truly household name. His sold out world tour over the last two years has seen Iraj in venues all across the island and in some of the world’s most celebrated international platforms.

The tour saw Iraj performing to packed audiences at the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne, London, LA , Paris , New York, Cyprus, Korea , Male, Seoul, Doha and Dubai – strengthening his fan base and promoting Sri Lankan music the world over. (The Hub.Asia)



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