Fake news on Linkin Park

Well it seems a fake story is going around saying Linkin Park is going to be in Sri Lanka soon for a one-off concert.

Firstly a Facebook page has been active for sometime saying the rock band will be performing in Colombo in December this year.

The venue mentioned in the Facebook page for the concert is the Race Course grounds in Colombo.

However when The Hub checked we found that the Race Course grounds is to undergo some major reconstruction over the next few weeks and is unlikely to be in a condition to host a concert anytime soon.

Meanwhile there was another blog saying the Linkin Park concert was to be held this November but will now instead take place in February next year.

The venue for that concert was mentioned as CR & FC grounds in Kandy. As far as we know CR & FC grounds is not in Kandy but Colombo.

So by the looks of it several Linkin Park fans in Sri Lanka have been fooled to think that the guys are coming down for a concert sometime soon.

Linkin Park was in Asia over the last few weeks on tour and finished off in Singapore at the F1 races. The band will head back to the US for a gig in Florida in October.



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