The best of rock at Clancy’s

Four of the best known Sri Lankan rock bands will come together on one stage on September 25 at Clancy’s Irish Pub in Colombo.

TANTRUM, FALLEN GRACE, HOLLOW and KARMIC SULPHUR will cover the music that inspired them, organizers of the event said.

Tantrum : In 2002 three teenagers, tired of the meaningless music being pumped into Sri Lankan veins through the mainstream, got an idea to form a band and realized the potency of the one pure form of music they all loved, Heavy Metal. At the time they barely knew the rudiments of instrumentation, and actually getting a band off the ground seemed like an unrealistic dream for the 16 year old school mates.

But as time went on, there was a significant improvement, and at the beginning of 2004 the guys decided to take this more seriously after realizing the possible potential for a Metal Band in the Sri Lankan music industry, and the band ‘Tantrum’ was born.

Fallen Grace:  Five budding musicians from D.S.Senanayake College go together to form Fallen Grace. The boys, who shared the same passion for adrenaline, aggression and intoxication in late 2003 at a time when Hard Rock & Metal music in the country was severely occult and even unheard of, decided to get together and form the band.

Hollow: Emerging as the winners of TNL Onstage 2007 Hollow brings a new definition to Sri lankan Metal. Hollow came about when two friends Steven (Vocalist) & Izzy (Lead Guitarist) started to get together casually to just jam some songs….then the idea struck them to form a band..soon Akiller (Bassist) a friend of both Izzy and Steven had Just left his previous band and got together with Steven and Izzy to form this new band

Karmic Sulphur: Karmic Sulphur is an Experimental Rock band from Colombo, Sri Lanka that began their journey in late 2005. Since their first live appearance in 2006, Karmic Sulphur has kept evolving amidst obstacles such as lineup changes and the like. Leaning more towards the Goth and Grunge genres in the beginning, KS has since then transcended into a more liberal unit experimenting with different musical possibilities, discarding lines and the idea of a band with a fixed genre.



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