Stephanie bullied the host

The host of the 2011 Miss Universe pageant said that Miss Sri Lanka had bullied him and called him a “short man” during the pageant in Brazil, foreign press reports said.

Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen said Miss Montenegro, Nikolina Loncar, and Miss Sri Lanka, Stephanie Siriwardana, heckled him for being short during the pageant.

Cohen said the jibes were all the more frustrating because Miss Montenagro went on to be crowned Miss Congeniality.

Appearing on US talk how Live, Cohen said Miss Montenegro kicked off the teasing by approaching him and asking: “Why are you so short?”

“I felt a little emasculated,” said Cohen, after explaining he was 170cm tall.

He said Miss Sri Lanka was quick to join in teasing, calling him “short man”.

“She [Miss Sri Lanka] turns out, may or may not be Miss Montenegro’s henchwoman,” Cohen said, according to several foreign websites.


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