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The Colombo Gazette is a news, entertainment and travel website operating from Sri Lanka and accessed by Sri Lankans and others both in Sri Lanka and from around the world.

Active on popular social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube, the Colombo Gazette is recognised as the best and most reliable source for unbiased news.

Among the audience of the website is the Sri Lankan Diaspora and the Diplomatic community.

Within a short period of time (three years since it was launched) Colombo Gazette has gone up the ratings on the Alexa website rating agency and has been approached by event organisers to promote their events.

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  1. Antany Peter June 4, 14:34

    “Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Media Secretary and the Chairman of the CSNTV in Sri Lanka. ( Rohan Weliwita was deported back to Sri Lanka upon his arrival in Singapore this week, by the Singapore Immigration and Emigration officials, who initially interrogated him for over three hours, before deporting him. He was scheduled to participate in the Broadcast Asia Exhibition, in Singapore”

    Singapore government and Good governance leaders all are under the influence of the Western Power. The Rajapaksas and their friends are target, because they all are friends of China. The good governance leaders will continue to destroy the Rajapaksas and their friends with the help of the West, as Tamils have done in the past. However, the Rajapaksas must play wisely to survive till the next election. When MR was in power he never sold other Sinhalese or Tamil leaders to foreign power to become president. That is why I like Mahinda Rajapaksa, Tamil diaspora and good governance leaders are so cheap, because they sell their own people to foreign power to have money, power and fame. Sri Lankans are very resilient people, they have defeated cheap diaspora and they will defeat cheap government in due time.

    Why the Rajapaksa administration which has eliminated the most ruthless terrorist group has been constantly under attacks?

    Let’s talk in perspective….

    Where were those Tamils who have been accusing the Rajapaksa administration for mismanagement when the Tamil armed groups mercilessly gunned down each other group members; and assassinated leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist groups in the world?

    Do the Westerners have the right to point finger at the Rajapaksas?

    More than one million people were killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. But no-one was held accountable for those innocent people’s deaths. However, the West is keeping the records of others and exposing them to the world, in order to occupy the moral high ground. The Western Countries will never admit their atrocities; if they do then they can’t keep themselves on top.

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  2. Nimal June 4, 23:00

    Whatever you have learned in Aus or any other country in the west should be brought to SL as SL need good and honest people. One could influence the few relatives and friends back in the island to live a honest and hard working life. Why not have a small business and employ a few people and feel the life there which might shock you. Then you will agree that one have to clean the country from the bottom of the population to the top, where their culture has to be changed in line with what we see in the West, where every one wants to settle. The conditions and lifestyles that we enjoy abroad is denied to our people deliberately by the crooked politicans,where they eventually wants to settle with the looted money. This is the folly of the third world and people must take the blame for being ignorant enough to be taken for a ride.

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  3. admin Author April 13, 19:29

    Hi, we do not print a newspaper. We are an online publication.

    Colombo Gazette Editorial

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