The sultry look of Shanu

Model Shanu poses in these photographs taken by Senikma Studio. The dresses were provided by Salon Dil, Moratuwa.                         Click images to enlarge:

In tune with Dananjani

Dananjani Bandara poses with a violin in these photographs taken by Ranuka Wijewardhana.  

Stunning i-Phone photography

These photographs were captured by Amila C. Kumarasinghe using an i-Phone. Amila Kumarasinghe is an independent filmmaker and motion graphics designer.                                 Click images to enlarge:

Ashanthi poses for the cam

Journalist, actress and model Ashanthi Warnasuriya poses in a natural setting in these photographs taken by photographer Thushara Sanjeewa                 Click images to enlarge:

A very merry Christmas

Pretty Asanthi Ranasinghe poses for the Colombo Gazette in this Christmas photoshoot. The dress was provided by Hot Chocolate. The photographs were taken by Thushara Sanjeewa Click images...

Imeshi poses for Salon Dil

Model Imeshi poses in clothes provided by Salon Dil. The photographs were taken by Senikma Studio.                                   Click images to enlarge:  

Nisandi and her style

Model Nisandi poses in clothes by Salon Dil Moratuwa in these photographs taken by Senikma Studio                                     Click images to enlarge:

Its all about shorts and a top for Anushka

Model Anushka poses in a cool pair of shorts and a top from Salon Dil in Moratuwa. The photographs were taken by Senikma Studio  

Made for the camera

Model Asanthi Ranasinghe seems made for the camera. She is seen here in these photographs blending in with the settings and outfits.             Click images to...

Shashi’s look

Model Shashi Hewage poses in these photographs taken by Ravi Premaratne. Shashi's make-up was done by Yadu Rana and her clothes were by Thomas The Three by TPV                               Click images...

Pretty Nayomi in a simple look

Model Nayomi Thakshila poses in a simple outfit for photographer Rusiru Anushanka                     Click images to enlarge  

Madhushika’s look

Model Madhushika Lakmali poses for photographer Ranuka Wijewardhana in these outfits provided by Ranga Hanwalla                           Click images to enlarge    

Photography of a different kind

  We usually publish photographs of pretty models posing at different locations. However today we are publishing two photographs which tell a story. Titled "Dark Beauty,...

A musical pose by Woshika

Model Woshika Lakshani Perera poses with a violin in a beatiful purple dress in these photographs taken by Imesh Nuwandaka                                         Click images to enlarge

Roshini and Namal in stunning pics

Model Roshini Kaushalya poses with Namal Rajasinghe in these stunning pictures taken by Ranuka Wijewardhane. The makeup for the photo shoot was done by Michael of Trendy...

Anushka in the spotlight

Anushka Niranjali poses for photographer Ranuka Wijewardhane in these clothes provided by Salon Indika in Rajagiriya. The photographs were taken at Independence Square, Arcade and...

Ashiya in an eye-catching dress

Model Ashiya Dissanayake poses in this eye-catching short dress. Pictures by Malshan Photography                              

Chethana in shorts

Model Chethana poses in shorts and a matching top for these photographs taken by Lakmal Spencer                          

Himashi’s look

Model Himashi poses in spectacles and matching outfits in these photographs taken by Ranuka Wijewardhana            

In touch with nature

Model Anushka Niranjali poses in these photographs taken by Ranuka Wijewardhane in natural surroundings