China willing to work with all political parties in Sri Lanka

China says it is willing to work with all political parties in Sri Lanka.

In a message released today by the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan to mark the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year, the Ambassador said that in the year to come, China is willing to work together with all levels of government, political parties and all walks of life in Sri Lanka to continue promote our pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

“On the auspicious occasion of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, I would like to convey the warmest greetings from the Chinese government and people, to all the Sri Lankan people, for a peaceful and prosperous new year,” he said.

The Ambassador said that China is committed to continue provide all kind of aid and assistance within the capabilities to Sri Lanka for the latter’s national development and people’s welfare.

“Let’s expect a more fruitful harvest of China-Sri Lanka friendship and cooperation in the new year,” the Ambassador said.


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