Pakistani journalist harassed by Sri Lankan journalist not official

A Pakistani journalist who claimed she had been harassed in Abu Dhabi during the Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan series, had been harassed by Sri Lankan journalist and not a Sri Lanka Cricket ( SLC) official.

Sri Lanka Cricket today denied the alleged involvement of any official or employee of SLC in the purported incident of harassment of a female journalist in Abu Dhabi.

The incident which was brought to light by the lady concerned via her personal Twitter handle alleging it to have been perpetrated by an official of SLC has been formally reported to SLC by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

SLC confirms it is neither an official nor employee of Sri Lanka Cricket, but is a journalist representing a private media organisation.

The Pakistani journalist, Munazza Jilani, claimed she had been harassed by a Sri Lanka Cricket official during the series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the United Arab Emirates.

Munazza Jilani said she had raised the matter with the Pakistan Cricket board. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The So called person who harassed Munazza Jilani was a journalist from a private media Organization . Please name and shame that retard . On behalf of Sri Lanka I would like to appologize to Munazza Jilani. Hope the parasite is punished by his bosses

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