Eelam map used as victims of Mullivaikal were remembered in North

uni-may-18-1The Eelam map was used at some events held in the North today to commemorate the victims of Mullivaikal.

Jaffna university students commemorated the “massacre” of Tamils in 2009 at a ceremony staged outside the university this morning by lighting candles near a map of Eelam.

The Jaffna university student’s union had invited the public to attend the ceremony.

The Jaffna university student’s union said the death of hundreds of Tamils during the final stages of the war in 2009 was the biggest massacre of a single community.

Meanwhile addressing a ceremony held at Vellamullivaikkal Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran said, “Not everyone who died during the war was a terrorist. We are here to commemorate the civilians. It is necessary to seek out what happened to these people since a lot of civilians lost their lives due to the war.”

Wigneswaran said those in the South of the country interpreted the commemoration ceremony as a “tribute to the terrorists” who were killed during the conflict.

A five-minute silence was observed in memory of the victims as well as religious observances.

Events to mark the remembrance of victims of the final war began in the North and East last week. Northern provincial council members and families of those killed during the final stages of the war attended the events.

In the past the authorities had attempted to prevent the Mullivaikal commemoration events from being held as it was seen as paying respects to LTTE cadres killed during the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The word “Eelam” also spelt “ILAM” was derived from the Pali word SIHALA meaning Sinhala, Tamilized as SIHALAM or SINKALAM, shortened to “ILAM” , as confirmed on page 328 of the Tamil Lexicon published under the authority of the University of Madras. The word “Eelam’ or “ILAM” really means the ‘Land of the Sinhalese’.

  2. Eelam means Ilankai or Island in Ancient Tamil Literature…

    So Tamil Eelam means Land where Tamils live….

    Let us pay Respect to the Civilians who lost lives during the Eelam War 2009 ( Genocide of Tamils )

  3. Change in mindset of all people is the need of the time, and not pouring oil to dying fire. Put water or sand to the dying fire. The fire for Elam was never there with the people of North or the thousands of innocents claimed to be have been massacred.They wished only an orderly life. It was an artificial creation of Tamil politicians for survival. Have the Tamil MP’S avoided buying Duty free Cars.from SL Government.

  4. Eelam map depicts the North and Eastern provinces, where the war took place and scores of innocent civilians died in the conflict and if this action was considered offensive, The police would have grabbed the maps. The people are commemorating the untimely death of their
    siblings and children, so let them commemorate in peace and do not disturb the communal
    harmony at this time of grief. If the Kandyan flag is raised in the up country, will it be considered an offence ?

  5. Sri Lanka is in a very pathetic situation. People in Sri Lanka believe that the government is with majority of people and protecting the country from dividing. However, every event in North shows that government is allowing “terrorists” to promote ‘dividing the country’. Who ever talk or show any Eelam idea should be heavily punished including the Chief Minister who was a ‘judge’ which we do not believe that he was fair in his duties as judge.

  6. Average Tamils are kept in dark, and their votes have been used by their leaders to enjoy benefits and perks. Likewise, their leaders are kept in dark, and used by foreign powers. I see lots of similarities between good governance leaders and Tamil diaspora leaders. This government is doing exactly what the diaspora leaders have done to me. The West is getting successful in fooling current government as it had done to Tamils. A disaster is waiting to happen. Do you want me to laugh when I see people who got education in fashion think that they can beat the West which has been ruling the world for the last 700 years, or do you want me to cry, because Sri Lankans always elect incapable leaders to suffer. You are very wrong, if you think that you have finished the war and free to become like Singapore. Sorry to disappoint you, war is one aspect but there are plenty of strategies to fool you. In the West at least I found few women and men who understand the Western governments’ games to rule the world. But here I found none in 20s or 30s. It is very scary. Here people are walking statues. Sri Lankans will continue to be victims of the smart and powerful countries’ games. I lived in four continents but I found that Sri Lanka has the highest number of fools. No wonder why this country has been fighting since 1948, and can’t run its national airlines profitably. Sinhalese are little better than Tamils, but not a lot. Therefore, suffering will continue. I have done my part for this country. I would like to say good bye, because you can’t appreciate nor value people like me. The West can easily trick you and make sure that you won’t get benefit through my knowledge or skills. If I become successful here the West has failed, because it will prompt other diaspora to leave the West. I don’t think you are smart enough to understand this reality. It is easier for you to keep on dreaming as wonder of Asia. Go ahead keep dreaming, after all it is your major habit.

    • I agree it is a reality assessment. In Management terms ‘Where are we now without knowing Where we are going’. Powerful countries are hijacking us!

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