Obama administration urged to arrest Gotabaya Rajapakse

gotabhaya_rajapaksaIn an appeal to US President Barack Obama, two major Tamil groups in the United States, the ‘Tamils for Obama’ and ‘American Tamil Forum’ have urged the United States to arrest former Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse who is reported to be currently visiting the US.

“Gotabaya Rajapakse is one of the main architect – along with the former President and the current President – who were responsible for the large scale killing of Tamils and rape of Tamil women. According to United Nations internal review report around 70,000 Tamils were killed in six months during the early part of 2009 and the abuses committed by the Sri Lankan forces amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some international legal experts believe that there are elements of these abuses that could amount to Genocide,” the two organisations said.

The Tamil groups said that the US should not miss the opportunity to arrest and prosecute one of the main war criminals in recent times visiting the US adding that failure to do so would encourage others to commit abuses amounting to war crimes.

The UN Human Rights Council, led by the US, last year passed a Sri Lanka resolution to hold a credible investigation to punish those responsible for these killings.

“United States should take the same leadership it took at the UN to initiate investigation for the visiting Sri Lankan war criminal,” said these two organizations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Prabharan may have been a ‘terrorist.’ But he is no more in the word of living.However Gota is still living with his supporters who were responsible for the killing of 40,000 Tamil Civilians. You can’t arrest dead man. Hence arrest the man who is living. .

  2. When LTTE was killing people who sponsored money to them should be arrested first. Since LTTE is no more terrorist supporters cannot stomach the defeat and killing of gorilla Prabakaran and why those LTTE idiots asking the US government to arrest him ask the Sri Lankan government to arrest him if he has done anything wrong when LTTE killed people did you guys request the US government to arrest Gorilla Prabakaran or did the US government gave permision to kill innocent people in Sri Lanka?. No.
    Did you guys condemn the the killing no never.
    SL Army resqured innocent Tamil people when LTTE was holding them as human shield and it was your mother’s, fathers, brothers, sisters or relative who git resqered and knowing the truth don’t just blamed the Government and Army that they killed 40,000 if so where is the evidence come to the real world help the people in North and East to developed that areas. If you guys really want fight send your children not other poor mans children.

  3. Yes grant their wish Obama and be ready to grant their next wish for a Tamil homeland in USA. The Tamil State of USA!!! That will be interesting. Intact why not? When USA is doing its best to split a small island why not give the Tamils some land in USA so that all could live happily ever after. Especially the US citizens who are so concerned about Tamil rights with total disregard to the Sinhalese.

  4. Why are these patriotic Sri Lankans are shivering with the suggestion to prosecute the rogue
    Gota?Let USA prosecute him and if he is innocent, let him go free and if not put him behind bars for rest of his life.

    • You idiots, why you guys lick American asses to put Gota behind bars. They are worst than them. History tells everything.

    • Cannot trust Tamils who support Terrorism anymore. These Terror supporters helped to kill Rajiv Ghandi and many other prominent people to make way for LTTE victory. Now these losers are paying drug money to attack the heroes of the war.

  5. To all you diasporans

    Fat hope!
    Your guy, the most ruthless terrorist in the world, lost the war.
    Just bite the bullet.

  6. USA should abide by the law of the Land and if they are convinced that he was behind some irregularities in Sri lanka at the time of the war, He should be arrested as he is a US Citizen. He may do the vanishing trick as he has some charges in Sri_lanka too

  7. mr gota recent visit in USA ,he is the wanted criminal in srilanka and his brother former president mr Rajapaska, president of USA must inform the authority to arrest and produced to court until further notice ,mr president USA supporting the UN human right and democratic .USA should not allowed to live or visit USA,

    • Are powerful leaders like the American President, obliged to take orders from the criminal LTTE mob and their paid hirelings? I think USA should investigate the very people who are crying for the defeat of megalomaniac Prabakaran.

  8. what about LTTE murders are living in USA, they too must arrest many of them directly and indirectly responsible for killing over 100,000 innocent people years.

  9. Gota is not a citizen of US any more. Before Obama decides to arrest Gota, he should think about arresting Rudrakumaran, who has been a very close associate of Prabhakaran and the legal adviser for the LTTE all along. Would Obama let a legal adviser of ISIS or Al Qaida hang around in New York with a proper office ?

  10. Obama administration should in the first place arrest all those LTTE sympathizers who funded, and supported LTTE in many other ways to carry out terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, now living in the USA and Europe. Without their involvement LTTE wouldn’t have survived that long to bring misery to innocent civilians in Sri Lanka including their own people. If ISIS supporters who brought mayhem in Paris and Belgium and hunted down why LTTE active supporters who are now taking shelter under various front organisations are treated differently, for doing destruction in much more larger scale over a period of over 25 years. Piyal

  11. Any action taken by any foreign country, based upon unsubstantiated or even fabricated claims against an individual who helped to liberate a nation from a bunch of inhuman terrorists, such as the Tamil Tigers, who were engaged in the worst form of terrorism including genocide of non-Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka, will only result in the credibility of the justice system of such country. It wont be a surprise if some of the persons campaigning for arrest of war heroes, could very well be war criminals themselves, who have escaped from Sri Lanka, after their defeat and now trying to paint themselves as human rights activists, and trying to escape prosecution for any crimes, they themselves may have committed.

  12. Yes arrest and put him in jail they are responsible for Tamils deaths and rape of Tamil women during the war time period.

    • Who’s responsible of killing 100,000 innocent SriLankan’s ( Sinhala , Tamil & Muslims ) …? Notorious Criminal Terrorist child killer Prabhakaran & his criminal group LTTE….
      Before they arrest Gota , world should arrest all LTTE supporters, (they all Murdurers )

    • moiez, it was Prabakaran and his band wagon that was responsible for Tamil deaths and rape of Tamil women, till the Army managed to rescue the Tamil civilians.

  13. President Obama is not that unwise to dance to the tune of suicide bombers who murdered thousands in cold blood.

  14. Tamils are part of Sri Lanka but they attack Sri Lanka wherever they go and when ever they can. Not all but most Tamils live overseas are enemies of Sri Lanka, just because they could not succeed the brutal Terrorist War against SL government using their money. The money given to LTTE were mainly by drug trafficking however, there were collections from Tamils living in rich countries. These Tamil people are a burden to many western countries but, due to their ‘votes’ these Tamils get protection from politicians. LTTE and Tamil diaspora had paid millions to Hilary Clinton’s election campaign assuming she would become president during last election. What these Tamils are asking from US is to take revenge on behalf of them. Hope US will arrest these Tamil Terrorist supporters.

    • We cannot blame all Tamils who escaped to the West. It is not fair to paint all Tamils black with the same brush. Just like many Sinhalese families in the South escaped to the West at the height of JVP terrorism, so did many Tamil families in the North escape to the West during Tamil Tiger terrorism.

      If reports are true, many Tamils in the diaspora are more active than the Sinhalese, in trying to counter LTTE activities and propaganda overseas.

      I believe, only a handful of Tamil diaspora are supporting the criminal LTTE, even though many innocent Tamils might be still contributing funds and also attending LTTE functions, through fear of being harmed by the terrorists, if they did not comply.

  15. First and foremost the US has to arrest former President George Bush for committing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, before thinking about arresting Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Where were those puppets when the LTTE was assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist group? Tamil foolish puppets are disgraceful for 21st century humanity. Last fourty years Tamils have avoided smart Tamils and gone backwards. Changing Tamils’ useless ideology is like straightening dog’s tail. Tamils are cursed race, otherwise they wouldn’t have ended up in this sad status when Tamils are five times in population in the world than Sinhalese.

    • Hi Anatany I was so sure that you are in Haig ICJ filing case against Rajapksa clan plus plethora of western leaders and locking them up one by one I guess not that promised was made by you about nearly four years ago and that include your bold declaration to take me to New Zealand high court and Haig at the same time.
      Regarding Gotta he and his brothers and terrorist Karuna will never come to harm specially in Sri Lanka for the simple reason it would be easy to find a needle in hay stack than honest politician in Sri Lanka.
      By the way my offer to meet you in your home town Wellington still stand when you ready.

          • You are even isolating me in Sri Lanka, but I will give you back intelligently. I am well aware South Asia is your play ground. You ruled it and screwed it. That is why I don’t believe that South Asia will beat you. Only dragon has the ability to deal with you promptly.

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