Technical team sent to South Africa to study TRC process

MangalaA technical team has been sent to South Africa to study the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) process established after the abolition of apartheid, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told Parliament today.

However he said while there are many ideas Sri Lanka can take from South Africa, the final solution will be one which will address the needs of Sri Lanka.

The Minister also said that the Government is committed to address the issue on missing persons and will setup an office on missing persons.

He however said the Government has no intention of creating mechanisms simply to satisfy the international community or meet any deadlines.

The Minister said the Government is not meeting its commitments to its people to appease the international community but since it believes the country can move forward only by addressing the past. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamils are the enemies for themselves. Tamil leaders are stopping the government when it comes to devolution of power. Let Tamil leaders show that they are becoming smart then the government will trust them and give them more power. What solution Tamils want? Do they want more power to get fooled by India and the West? The West and India have got a firm grip on Tamil leaders. Tamils can’t think for themselves; therefore, I would not advocate for more power for Tamils, until they have a decent think tank and start to think for themselves. If the government gives more power than what Tamils deserve, it will be used against innocent Tamils and Sinhalese to impose India’s and the West’s interests.

    Mangala Samaraweera is the most ineffective and inefficient foreign minister in the history of Sri Lanka. Recently, New Zealand Prime Minister visited Sri Lanka. But the Taj Samudra hotel billed the visitors for their stay. Eventually Primer Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe got involved and made sure that the Sri Lankan foreign Ministry takes the bill. The normal practice is the host country bear the cost. The current Foreign Minister doesn’t even know what is normal within the foreign ministry, do you think that he has the ability to understand the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

  2. Mr.Samaraweera speaks of reconciliation for the eyes and ears of the International community. But the Tamil people are reluctant until their lands are released by the armed forces for the people to be resettled and the political prisoners released. The government is using the army to grab lands from the Tamil people.

  3. I have been so many times to South Africa and have a very good knowledge about the country. I have had discussions with local people who know the ground situation very well.

    To be honest South Africa need to learn from Sri Lanka. Everyday at least three white people get killed from Black gangs and poverty is sky high. It economy is going down day by day, corruption is very high. This is what I see and hear from all the people I talked…

    Good luck to Sri Lanka if you trying to follow South Africa…..

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