Ranil fumes in Parliament over media and war crimes issue

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremessinghe today in Parliament slammed some media institutions on the manner they had reported the issue over the involvement of foreign judges in the accountability process on the war.

He insisted that the government will not agree to an international war crimes tribunal on the Sri Lanka issue.

“We have not signed the Rome statute,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that he met President Maithripala Sirisena and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday and discussed the issue.

He said at the meeting it was agreed that the government position on the investigation on the war is that it will be a domestic process which will be open to international assistance.

The Prime Minister said that even the former Government had obtained international assistance when investigating reports on those missing.

Earlier the opposition said the government had different views on the matter with the President saying no to foreign judges and the Prime Minister saying international involvement has not been ruled out.

The Prime Minister however said today that foreign judges cannot get involved in the process unless they have the approval of the local Supreme Court and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

Wickremessinghe said that Sri Lanka will conduct the probe on the war within the framework of the Constitution.

He also slammed some private media institutions saying they are attempting to overthrow the government.

The Prime Minister also accused some media institutions of attempting to instigate communal disharmony. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Decorum !!! Just look at the guy wearing an oversized jacket (Autumn coat, in fact) opening it wide to expose his beer belly and pulling up his trousers as if it is the first time he wore a pair !!! All this in front of a world audience !!! He speaks more like an irate market trader than the supposedly educated elite gentleman his stooges claim him to be. What was this speech about anyway? A rambling rant very unbecoming of even a mere MP let alone PM. What a shame SL !! And for once his buddy Kiriwalla sitting next to him forgot to giggle as he usually does at pugnacious and banal statements by the PM at his opponents

  2. RW simply cannot blame only the administrators of last ten years for the downfall in standards of Police and Judiciary. Those who have lived long enough would remember how supreme court judges were treated with pelting stones when they did not tow government lines, government promoting racism in 1983 riots etc etc all whilst UNP was in power and Hon RW was a senior minister of the regime. That was the start of rot which others mastered.

  3. High comm. for human rights violations, who is visiting the Island next month will give the right answer whether media was right or not. President & PM are working under stress as other ministers just idle and they flip flop in their statements. President lamented last week that there
    is nothing done in the past year, except talking and ordering investigating and no elections
    full filled.

  4. Police State and Begging Bowl nation.
    Royal of the jungle book needs to appreciate international norms.
    shameless slippery slithers still ambude class no more, but the konde is missing.

  5. Why not? SL elections were monitored by international specialists by physical presence here and make their judgements .. No direct executions on their judgment though. Over one million SL refugees all over the world, so world has obligation and right.. to involve..

  6. Sir, you were the minister ,when former president Jeyawardana ( the only president who knows much about democracy as he studied in Oxford as a lawyer) didn’t initiate an inquiry for the welikada massacre inside the prison( forgot about outside).

  7. This was a very valid speech and full of meaning.
    May be Mr. Ramalingam the PM is not up to your standard. You may be a genius.
    This is why he is the PM of the country and you are what you are!!!
    You will what you are for ever.

  8. Can the honourable Prime Minister please clarify his statement to a foreign TV that all aspects of the UNHCR will be addressed including the involvement of foreign judges.

    Thank you.

  9. This. Fuming has no substance. He has only exposed his weakness as a speaker by repeating one and the samething adnoseum. A prime minister can be more matter of fact and not digressing. Our politicians have a long way to go in parliamentary decorums.

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