Government accused of rolling back on commitment in Geneva

Yasmin SookaThe International Truth and Justice Project is deeply concerned that Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena appears to be rolling back on his commitment in Geneva to include international involvement in a future judicial mechanism.

In an interview with the BBC yesterday, the President reportedly stated, “I will never agree to international involvement in this matter”.

This flies in the face of the recommendation of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that Sri Lankan establish “an ad hoc hybrid special court, integrating international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators”.

High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who is due to visit Sri Lanka shortly, has been very clear about the “total failure of domestic mechanisms to conduct credible investigations” in Sri Lanka.

“The High Commissioner is right: international involvement is essential for victims and witnesses to have trust in the justice process because Sri Lanka has such a long history of failed domestic processes,” said ITJP Executive Director Yasmin Sooka.

ITJP is also shocked that the Sri Lankan President should question that crimes took place after the detailed and graphic revelations of the year-long OHCHR Investigation, as well as reports by many other credible international and Sri Lankan organisations.

ITJP notes the BBC reported that President Sirisena said, “it was important to determine whether such crimes actually took place”.

“This is an insult to the thousands of victims and witnesses who testified to the UN inquiry and other bodies,” said Yasmin Sooka, adding, “it’s rather late in the day to question whether crimes took place”.

President Sirisena also suggested in his BBC interview that because the UN did not specify names of alleged perpetrators, there was some doubt about the allegations.

“Just because the UN decided from the outset not to mention names of alleged perpetrators does not mean they do not have such information. It is usual for an UN inquiry not to disclose the names but to hand this over to a credible prosecutorial body when established. Quite frankly enough evidence exists already for a tribunal, if it’s run in a way that protects witnesses,” said Ms. Sooka.

President Sirisena also dismissed reports that the Sri Lankan security forces have continued to abduct, torture and sexually violate Tamil detainees during his period in office. He said such reports came from people “close to the Tamil Tigers”.

ITJP documented twenty such cases that occurred in 2015, while Freedom From Torture has an additional 7 cases that do not overlap.

“It is disappointing to see the new President defame all those who allege there are still ongoing violations as linked to the LTTE”, said Ms. Sooka, “this is the sort of rhetoric and denial we’d hoped would change.”

ITJP is a South African based project investigating allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is not unexpected as the Sinhala criminals will never accept they committed mass crimes for decades and genocide.
    Unless the International community, excluding India, invade Sri Lanka militarily and investigate all crimes committed with foreign judges and experts, there will never be a true investigation na justice to the victims.

  2. For more than 30 years of brutal war by Tamil Terrorists, they killed Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, clergy, innocent people including infants. But where was this UN, Sooka or Ban-moon? No action what so ever at the time….Why? One reason was that West did not care Tamil Terrorists to massacre ‘non catholic’. And other was that Tamil diaspora did not pay millions of dollars such as happening today for these fake UN officials to take revenge from Sri Lanka for defeating the Terrorists.

  3. I remember, may be wrong, during the last phase of the war Mr Sirisens was the acting defence minister. He may be protecting himself from the war related crimes.

    • Hi Antany how is the case against MR progressing in Geneva. As usual lot of hot air but no balloon. I suppose keep you busy been the world renowned pseudo intellectual ha!

  4. this silly woman lives on LTTE money for a long time then she created this one person some project to slant Sri Lanka on behalf of LTTE remnants to collect some money to continue her lifestyle. She is a girlfriend of Pillai who live on making cow tow to a American state department been a slave. No wonder these called blacks under South African they used to think and act as slaves. this Suka woman is a real PIA and she should go to South Africa from her luxury apartment in Switzerland, maintained by LTTE money and go where she came from and work hard to lift the miserable life in Sweto. Pathetic woman!

    • What an excuse to cover up your dirty war crimes, mass murders, large scale rape and crimes against humanity. You Sinhalese must accept that your regimes and people have been committing crimes with impunity for long and it’s check up time.
      Your barbarianism and atrocities are exposed and its pay back time.

  5. If the international democratic community is waiting for Sinhalese politicians to admit their army , or anyone else formerly in power , did anything wrong to anybody…….they will be waiting for ever. They appear to think that in their culture such things could not possibly happen. These things only happen in inferior western cultures , which is why Sri Lanka is a beacon to the world as to how a fair and corruption free democracy should be run.

  6. Looks like Lokka has read the report finally (May be he got the Sinhala translation before the BBC interview). It is too late Mr. Sirisena. You already co-sponsored Geneva resolution even without reading it. Ane ratakata giya kala.

  7. The actions of this woman truly demonstrates why she should not have been selected by Ban to the Panel of investigators since she was an LTTE supporter right from the start. She never shuts up on this issue.

  8. Yasmin Sooka is an Indian colonial parasite from South Africa. She should go back to the Indian Unions and join her relatives and leave us and Africans alone.

  9. I can only have a sigh of relief.
    MS was assisted by the West to handle Sri Lanka the way they wanted, under his rule. Now it’s flopped. I am not sure whether MS had realized the truth and listened to the Sri Lankan in him OR being a shrewd politician, he has realized that if he were to try introduce foreign courts to judge Sri Lanka’s war heroes, he won’t last a day as President. Since he is from a Sinhalese Buddhist farming family (unlike RW, CBK), I believe in the former.

    Great day for Sri Lanka. We escaped another Western and LTTE Rump coup to crush us.

  10. Let the dogs bark….cuz we know that the mountain will not collapse….will do it in our way, just as we did the war.

  11. Sooka and her prince want Sri Lanka to enact Holy Sharia law on its territory. Sooka and other human rights champions didn’t raise any voice against the gross violation of human rights by Saudi Arabia by beheading 47 so-called rebels in accordance with Sharia law. Had Sharia law been in place Sri Lankan government could have easily got rid of terrorists without resorting to their rehabilitation.

  12. to start with war crimes investigation is not an internal matter for sri lanka. madam sooka is absolutely right in saying that sri lankan goivernment has gone back on its commitment to establish a hybrid court with international judges . this shows sirisena is not any different to any other past sinhala leaders. tamils know very well that no sinhala leader can be trusted. i wonder how the un will react.

  13. we are not worry about other countries, we look after the our home.we have no rights of violation of human rights, we srilankan most are communal but some wanted a good govererence religions head are interfering in politics. there are two different subject, the communal politicians are good chance for wining theelection.very good example former president mr Rajapaska and brothers were dicroters and any one talk against the government his live in danger, many journalist were killed by the former regime.the secretary of defense mr Rajapaska brother mr Gota is a main accused in srilanka government ,,mr president last one year he was not doing anything,.

  14. All you do gooders where were you during the thirty year long war when the LTTE terrorist tamils murdered and plundered all Sri Lankans irrespective of whether they were Sinhalese or tamils, muslims or burghers. Nw you are succumbing to the bribes offered by the tamil diaspora. Just go get stuffed and allow the Sri Lankans to settle their own problems. Why not inquire into the crimes committed by the uSA,UK and EU during the recent wars and all the wars down the ages. Sow us that you have a backbone. You spineless twits.

    • The independent international investigation will cover all crimes during the last 30 years including Tamil youth took up arms with the help of Indra Gandhi, MGR, the famous Indian leaders due to Sinhala state terrorism and oppression.
      If the Sinhala leaders and forces not committed atrocities, mass murders, large scale rape and torture, why they deny international independent investigation? Your Sinhala Buddhist racist Apartheid malicious propaganda will not work for long and the Tamil Diaspora is ready and growing rapidly to challenge your barbarianism.

  15. Kudos to the President for standing up to the bullying by the Western powers who are influenced by the Tamil diaspora and their support network including the Tamil interests in South Africa; that is mobilizing the UNHCR strategy of trying to show its muscle with small nations but turning a blind eye to the atroticities committed by the so called super powers and terrorist organizations like the Tamil Tigers.

    • No criminal should go unpunished whether Sinhala or Tamil or any other race.
      There was no rule of law, denial of justice and no equality to all races in Sri lanka under the Sinhala leaders that used state forces to commit crimes against the minorities and its pay back time. Don’t forget the IPKF days, don’t forget LTTE was trained and armed by the Indians, Eelam struggle is Tamil Nadu taking a new direction and recently passed a resolution by the Governor for investigate and act against war crimes. Don’t forget India can have a chauvinistic leader or like Indra Gandi or Selvi Jayalalithaa who may invade Sri Lanka for a showdown in the future!

      • [No criminal should go unpunished whether Sinhala or Tamil or any other race]
        Would you include wife beaters and crooked husbands who steel from wife? You know what I’m writing about Shiva?

        • It does not matter whom you refer, “crime” is a crime and strict discipline, rule of law equally to all are all require for a civilized state. Eelam Tamils made history in Singapore for their discipline, dedication, professionalism and determination. Sinhalese only know to destroy, abuse and commit crime. If the Law enforces, strict application, all will be in line.

  16. Yes, We don’t want to tell international community, that we plundered jewelries and wrist watches in 80’s in buckets in Jaffna, We buried the young skeletons under the buddha statue . and we are proud of our traditions and our ancestors actions.

  17. These people have nothing to do but stir the garbage. I wonder if they prefer to see GR as the new Head of State: he just mentioned that close on half the voters voted for MR. We have to be realistic. This is not a beaten, “failed state” like Kosovo was. MS is walking a tight-rope, keeping the Chinese happy and the Indians also content, as well as the Japanese.

  18. Thank you Madam for calling the spade a spade. The rulers of the sinking lanka ,past and present think that they could get away hoodwinking the International community with their Bull shit.
    The has come to face the music;be it MS or RW or MR aka bunch of the same clan along with the skin heads.
    Hats off to CM Vigneswaran who unlike the TNA is not soft peddling on the critical issues facing Eelam Tamils.

    • Sri Lanka Sinhalese only understand violence and crimes but the Western policy makers are not understanding it yet. Only a Serbian style military attack and intervention will bring the war criminals to the Hague.

  19. Isn’t there a difference of policy between the President and the govt led by the PM? Did the govt: agree with the UNHRC proposal without the consent of the President?

  20. Well done Mr. President. The president has stated the truth. It is time that the world accepts that Sri Lanka is an independent country with enough professionals to run its own affairs and it is not obliged to carry out all the recommendations by international bodies. Give the president an opportunity and complain later if there is a need for it.

  21. Majority of Sinhala politicians have a history of bs’ing through. This is nothing new, and now world is finding out. This is how Tamils were treated decades after decades with so many broken promises. This guy is no different than pathetic election loser Mahinda Rajapaksha. Only god can bring justice to the victims, only god can save the minorities in Sri Lanka

  22. I think this woman Sooka must go back to her own country and sort out the problems there instead of continuing to interfere in Sri Lankan matters. This woman has been rejected by her own country and she tries to interfere in others.

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