TNA demands answers on Trinco underground cells

SumanthiranThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today demanded answers from the authorities on the underground secret cells at the Trincomalee navy camp, in light of an admission by former navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda that those cells were used to detain people.

In a highly charged speech in Parliament today during the debate on the 2016 budget, Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran questioned as to why people like Karannagoda are not being investigated over the cells.

Sumanthiran quoted Karannagoda as telling the media yesterday that the cells were part of the British colonial era and was used when he was the navy chief to detain suspects, but not torture them

Sumanthiran said that the authorities must investigate where those people detained at the cells are now and if they were tortured.

The UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances drew light to the hidden cells after they were taken to the location by the police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) during the recent visit to Sri Lanka.

Sumanthiran said that the refusal by the former Government to allow the UN Working Group to visit Sri Lanka during its term in office was clearly to prevent information like that on the Trincomalee hidden cells from being exposed.

He also accused former Foreign Minister, Professor G.L Peiris, of attempting to incite hatred between communities through statements he had made recently following the decision by the government to free on bail a group of people arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. karranakoddai is a liar. karasnnakoddai is a killer and a rapist.he should be buent to death. karrunnakoddai is a cannibal.

  2. Certainly the UN group would have visited the LTTE cells if there are any now. However, even if the LTTE had such cells they were destroyed when the when the Sri Lankan military destroyed the entire area when they conducted the genocide of killing about 40,000 innocent civilians.

  3. if you need to keep going this poor nation to next steps ,Tamil also must understand ti was war with LTTE not a gandi’sso call peace reading class at wanni. not event India send to wanni ,they send army. today this MP make statements like hero ,thanks to army ,he was under jailed under LTTE. today as free man ,can can speech and go any where he needs but some time you have to make this nature of rubbish speech to happy your bothers living in Australia. you know they are very unhappy with you presently due to look like you want to do some works in the north and east. but your foreign bothers want to see suffering Tamil for ever in this country. that is the only way they can have their keep doing next century same shed like your previous Tamil leaders

  4. Why Didn’t the UN Group visit the Wanni to see the LTTE Cells which detained Lankan military and Those Tamils opposed to the LTTE where Torture and Murder Occurred??? These are well documented facts.

    • Everyone knows why. UN and TNA ALWAYS supports terrorism. TNA nata pukey gahagena hityey when LTTE was functioning.

    • Nuwan: there is no question about LTTE torture cells but these terrorists are now decimated. There is no point in killing the dead snake. Navy commander and his handlers on the other hand, who are known as war criminals, are live and well; so they need to be brought to justice. Who knows, they may have a chance for exoneration as well. Then, we can remove the war criminal label they have earned already.

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